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What really happened on November 22, 1963?

Nobody knows exactly what happened, that's what makes this story the greatest mystery of our time. The assassination changed the course of history, and the way that many people think about the government. There's much more involved here than the death of a president. Before visiting Dealey Plaza, viewing JFK movies and documentaries about the assassination, reading and visiting web sites on the subject, the authors of this web page had generally accepted the Warren Commission's findings. Now, our opinion has changed. All we know for sure is that between 3 and 6 shots were fired, and that at least 2 of those shots came from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building. To illustrate how our opinion has changed, we assigned probabilities (before & after research) to the likelihood of each possible assassination scenario. Our opinions are summarized in the table, below.




Oswald acted alone, there was no conspiracy



Oswald fired all shots, but others were involved in a conspiracy



Oswald and another shooter fired shots, as part of a conspiracy



Oswald was part of a conspiracy, but did not fire any shots



Oswald knew nothing about the assassination, and is innocent



Oswald was a government agent who infiltrated the conspiracy



The above chart illustrates our thoughts about the assassination. To see what our visitors think, or to cast your vote for one of the above scenarios, click here

Although we still believe that Oswald could have acted alone, we now have many more doubts. We also believe that there is a very slight chance that Oswald may even be innocent. It should be obvious that the greatest change in our thinking was an increased probability that a second shooter was present, possibly located behind the fence atop the grassy knoll, or perhaps even within a curbside sewer. There was much scientific data indicating that the fatal shot came from the front, and exited through the back of the President's head. Since the government did not release all of its evidence and information to the public, many believe that there was, and continues to be, some kind of cover up. Continue reading for more.

Was there a Cover Up?

In general, the government has much classified information which cannot, and should not, be released to the public. However, in the case of JFK's assassination, some people believe that the government withheld information that was not vital to our national security, for the sole purpose of concealing the fact that there was more than one shooter. Some even believe that the government actually altered the evidence that was released, and lied to the public about what really happened on Dealey Plaza. We believe that there are several possible reasons why the government continues to withhold information on this case:

1. National Security. The government has many secrets that it doesn't want to reveal, including special forces within the military. The Cold War, and problems with Cuba, were indeed a matter of national security. Did our government have plans to assassinate Castro? If a foreign government was involved in JFK's death, did our government cover it up to prevent World War III, and perhaps a nuclear incident only 90 miles south of Florida? During the Cold War, there was a war going on, but it was between the leaders (and special forces) of the countries involved, not their citizens. Maybe it was better that way. If our government has any information that Casto was involved in a conspiracy to kill Kennedy, don't expect that information to be released until well after Castro's death. Maybe that's why certain information will not be declassified until the year 2017, and the embargo against Cuba is still in effect after all these years.

2. Family Privacy. Out of respect for JFK's family, the film and certain results of the autopsy were kept private. Why display the President's mutilated body on national television? Also, JFK may have had certain medical conditions (venereal disease) that the family wanted to keep private, to preserve his public image. Since members of the Kennedy family were much closer to the physical evidence, and were in positions of power within the government, it's somewhat difficult to believe that there was anything sinister going on involving the government. If there was, the Kennedy's would have had to been participants, especially in the cover up. We find this hard (but not impossible) to believe. The Kennedy's must have been provided with more facts than the public, and have chosen to remain silent.

3. Government Incompetence. The government did not want to publicize that security for the motorcade was lacking, and give the impression that anyone could kill the President of the United States in broad daylight, and get away with it. If there was evidence of a second shooter or a conspiracy, identities unknown, the government's investigation could never be closed, and all efforts to solve the case would be criticized as inadequate or incompetent. Initially, maybe the government wanted to foster the belief that some vital information (in addition to all the secret/embarassing data) was being withheld from the public, just to create an illusion of having superior knowledge, as opposed to being outsmarted by some unknown assassins. Also, the less information made available to the public, the less there is to criticize. If any contradictory information was made public, it would immediately be used to discredit the Warren Commission's conclusions. In fact, as more information is declassified over time, even more conspiracy theories are born. We're sorry to say it, but the gradual release of classified documents is only raising more questions, as opposed to providing the answer. It may just be wishful thinking that the truth exists somewhere in the government's secret files.

4. Government Involvement. Were radicals within our own government responsible for JFK's death? This is a radical belief in itself, however, some believe that our government's covert operations not only include assassinations abroad, but the killing of our own citizens. Many people involved with the JFK investigation or autopsy have met with untimely and violent deaths. Is this just a coincidence? Some believe that the Mafia or other criminal organizations are utilized by the CIA for domestic assassinations, while special forces within our own military are used abroad. While we believe that our government must fight fire with fire, and perform some morally reprehensible actions to thwart our enemies (this is the kind of stuff that many of us don't want to know about), we do not believe that our government would murder its own leader. If traitors within the government acted on their own, then the government didn't kill the president. However, it may not have appeared that way to the public, depending on who was involved. At the very least, the public's trust in the government would have been destroyed.

Was there a Conspiracy?

According to the above table, we now think that there is more than a 50-50 chance that 2 or more people were involved in the assassination. If there was a conspiracy, the probability that Oswald was involved approaches 100%. So who else may have been involved? Oswald was in the military (Government), had contacts with mob members (Mafia), and had relations with foreign (Communist) governments. Since he was murdered by someone with mob connections, his most likely partner would have been a member of the mob. Regardless of who else was involved, chances are they were not among the leaders of their respective organization(s). This conclusion is not as sexy as some conspiracy advocates would like you to believe, but it seems to us to be the most logical.

Based upon further research and a second trip to Dealey Plaza in July 1999, we've expanded our dialog regarding the conspiracy. Click the appropriate link near the bottom of this page if you'd like to read our favorite conspiracy theory.


JFK's assassination was different than RFK's, MLK's*, and John Lennon's, and also different than the attempted assassinations of Ronald Reagan and the Pope. In those cases, lone nuts with a pistol were easily identified and apprehended because of their proximity to their victims. They knew that they would be caught. JFK's assassin(s) used a rifle, and apparently did not want to become famous for killing the President of the United States, nor pay the consequences. This could explain why Oswald waited to shoot the President from behind, instead of taking an easier shot when the limo was approaching the Depository Building. However, we cannot explain the "magic bullet" or every other detail about the assassination. It is not our intent to analyze every aspect of the assassination here, only to reach conclusions based upon all the information that we have seen. This web site was developed for everyone to share their opinions after considering as many facts as they personally want to absorb. So, after visiting this site, please record your opinion now (click here) or visit our resources page (click here) if you want to learn more before returning to this site later to enter your own opinion. Please return often to read our latest theories and new opinons left by our visitors, or to check out the latest results of our opinion poll.

* Martin Luther King was assassinated by James Earl Ray with a rifle, and in December 1999, a civil trial jury found Loyd Jowers liable for hiring a hit man to kill MLK, as part of a vast conspiracy.

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