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In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, expect some new headlines relating to the life and death of John F. Kennedy...

October 2013: Jessie Ventura's New JFK Assassination Book

63 reasons to believe there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

September 2013: JFK - The Smoking Gun

JFK: The Smoking Gun premiers on the Reelz channel on November 3, 2013. Did a secret service agent accidentally kill JFK?
Click here for more info

August 2013: Parkland - A New Movie About JFK

New movie about the JFK assassination, release date October 4, 2013. View the official trailer.

May 1, 2013: JFK's Temporary Eternal Flame

As the eternal flame at JFK's grave in Arlington is undergoing some repairs, a temporary flame will burn near the grave during the next few weeks.

April 11, 2013: Washington D.C. Newseum Displays JFK Artifacts

The Newseum is marking the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination by displaying some never-before-seen artifacts from the time following President John F. Kennedy's assassination... Read more.

April 2013: New JFK Assassination Books

New books regarding JFK's assassination are starting to come out prior the 50th anniversary on November 22, 2013. Here are a couple of new releases scheduled for April 2013:


March 2013: Dealey Plaza Renovation

The renovation of Dealey Plaza before the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination should be completed by April 1, 2013, according to this report.

January 2013: Oswald's Apartment Demolished

The apartment building in Dallas where Lee Harvey Oswald lived with his wife and daughter until March 1963 was demolished. This is not the same structure as Oswald's boarding house (view picture on this page) where he was staying prior to the assassination.

June 2012: JFK - The Lost Bullet

According to research by Max Holland, it appears that Oswald could have been the only shooter in Dealey Plaza. Watch the Video.

May 17, 2007: Evidence Flawed

The evidence used to rule out a second assasin was flawed, according to an article in the Annals of Applied Statistics. Read the article (pdf file).

March 25, 2007: E. Howard Hunt's Son Tells All

Not revealed in the book, it was revealed that LBJ was involved in the assassination plot, and that a French assassin was on the grassy knoll as Oswald's accomplice. Read more in the book:

Bond of Secrecy: My Life with CIA Spy and Watergate Conspirator E. Howard Hunt

February 17, 2007: JFK Window Sells for $3 Million

The window and frame in the TSBD building from which Oswald fired at JFK was sold on eBay for just over $3 million. If you don't believe it, click here

August 20, 2004: Another Digital Analysis

In one year, we should know how many shots were fired at JFK in Dealey Plaza, based upon plans to re-examine the acoustic evidence.

April 7, 2004: History Channel Recants LBJ Episode

The History Channel's historians concluded that LBJ was not responsible for JFK's assassination. Would you expect any other conclusion?

February 12, 2004: History Channel Appoints LBJ Commission

The History Channel appointed 3 historians to investigate the allegations that LBJ was involved in JFK's assassination. Robert Dallek, Stanley Kutler and Thomas Sugrue will appear in a program on the History Channel after their investigation has been completed.

February 5, 2004: Did LBJ Really Kill JFK?

The Washington Post and New York Times reported that the History Channel was asked to investigate the allegations that LBJ was involved in JFK's assassination. In November 2003, several programs were aired by the History Channel to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the assassination, one of which accused LBJ of being part of a conspiracy.

For more, read the entire book on this topic, Blood, Money, & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK

December 13, 2003: Another Death in Dealey Plaza

Richard E. Clem, age 50, was very much interested in the JFK assassination. He committed suicide in Dealey Plaza on December 12, 2003, by shooting himself in the head, right on the "X" spot on Elm Street where JFK was assassinated some 40 years ago. Clem is the first person to commit suicide in Dealey Plaza.

November 16, 2003: TV Specials Commemorate JFK Week

With the 40th anniversary of the assassination only days away, numerous television specials will be aired relating to JFK's presidency and his death in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. We recommend watching the History Channel during the week of November 16, which has been designated as JFK Week. In addition, Court TV will air a special on November 19 at 9:00PM ET, and ABC will air it's own special on November 20 at 9:00PM ET.

New books just released include JFK: Breaking the News

May 2003: New Books About JFK

With the 40th anniversary of JFK's assassination only six months away, a number of new books have been announced to take advantage of the general public's renewed interest in all things JFK. Unfortunately, several of these publications are gaining publicity because of all the new dirt they reveal about Kennedy's private life. Robert Dallek's new book not only covers many of JFK's personal health problems, but also reveals an affair with a 19-year old intern. Another book by Frank Sinatra's valet discusses Kennedy's use of cocaine, as well as some of JFK's various sexual liaisons. An article about the Sinatra book appears in the June 2003 issue of Playboy magazine.

Since this web site deals with JFK's assassination, we are more interested in Max Holland's upcoming book about the Warren Commission. To find out more about the first two books mentioned above, click below:

An Unfinished Life : John F. Kennedy, 1917 - 1963

Mr. S: My Life with Frank Sinatra

February 11, 2003: Joe DiMaggio Thought That Kennedys Killed Monroe

According to a new book, Joe DiMaggio believed the Kennedys had Marilyn Monroe killed because she was relaying their secrets to the mob. Click here to read more, or get the book Dimaggio: Setting the Record Straight .

November 16, 2002: JFK Limo Sold at Auction

JFK's Presidential Lincoln was sold for $225,000 in New York at Guernsey's Auction House. As far as we know, the limo will remain on display at the Henry Ford Museum near Detroit.

September 24, 2002: New JFK Assassination Movie

Interview with the Assassin is a chilling look at Walter Ohlinger's confession that he was the 2nd Gunman on the "grassy knoll", the man who fired the bullet that allegedly killed JFK...and he has proof. Magnolia Pictures will release Interview with the Assassin in New York, Los Angeles and other cities in November 2002. Read our review of this movie. Note: This new film should not be confused with the James E. Files video entitled Confession of an Assassin.

July 10, 2002: PT-109 Found in South Pacific

JFK's PT boat was found by Robert Ballard in 1,200 feet of water near the Solomon Islands. The boat sank in August 1943 during World War II.

July 3, 2002: Nellie Connally on the Larry King Show

On July 4, 2002, Nellie Connally will be on the Larry King show on CNN at 9:00PM Eastern Time. She is the wife of former Texas Governor John Connally. Mrs. Connally was riding in JFK's limo on 11-22-63 during the assassination. She will be the only guest for the one-hour show, and will be discussing the assassination. She has said that 3 shots were fired from behind the limo, and that all 3 shots hit their target(s); there were no magic bullets.

May 4, 2002: In Search Of PT-109

Robert Ballard, who found the Titanic, is planning to search for JFK's PT boat later this month. The boat sank in August 1943, after being sliced in half by a Japanese destroyer during World War II. The boat is buried somewhere in the Pacific, in the area of the Solomon Islands. Good luck!

February 18, 2002: JFK is Second Greatest President

In an ABC News poll in honor of President's Day, JFK was voted the second greatest President in U.S. history. JFK got 14% of the vote, while good old Honest Abe received 20%.

August 23, 2001: JFK Moon Tape Released

In a tape of a conversation with James Webb of NASA during November 1962, JFK indicates that he wanted a moon landing to be NASA's top priority.

August 7, 2001: Texas Theater Sold

The theater where Oswald was apprehended on November 22, 1963, was sold to the Oak Cliff Foundation for $400,000. The building was constructed in 1931, and will be converted into a community center and playhouse. The seat where Oswald was sitting is clearly marked, and the theater still attracts tourists who are interested in the JFK assassination.

March 26, 2001: Report Says that Shot was Fired from the Grassy Knoll

The probability that three shots were fired from the TSBD and that one shot came from the grassy knoll has been calculated to be 96.3%, according to an article just published by Science and Justice, a quarterly publication of the British Forensic Science Society.

March 22, 2001: Over 400 JFK-related Documents Declassified

Today it was reported that newly declassified papers revealed that JFK had planned to expand sabotage against Cuba, right before the missile crisis. A 3-day historical conference began in Cuba to examine declassified Cuban, American, British and other documents relating to the Bay of Pigs, the missile crisis, and other related matters. And yes, Castro is attending the conference.

March 1, 2001: Henry Wade Dead

The Dallas DA who prosecuted Jack Ruby for killing Lee Oswald died today, at the age of 86. He is even better known for the famous abortion case: Roe v. Wade.

January 22, 2001: Monroe's JFK Birthday Dress to be Auctioned

The gown that Marilyn Monroe wore to JFK's 45th birthday party in 1962 will be auctioned at Sothebys, from Feb. 8 to March 1. If you have about $30,000 to burn, go ahead and toss in a bid.

October 6, 2000: Tina Sinatra Talks About JFK Election

In a 60 Minutes interview to be aired October 8, Frank Sinatra's daughter revealed (among other things) that Joesph Kennedy asked her father to enlist the Mafia to help JFK win the WV primary.

October 5, 2000: 6th Floor Museum to Add 7th Floor

The Sixth Floor Museum will double its space by expanding to the 7th floor of the former Texas School Book Depository. Additional exhibits will feature the American presidency, and not be focused on JFK's assassination. The new floor is expected to open next summer.

September 23, 2000: JFK Auction

Christie's East of New York will auction off some of JFK's personal possessions from his summer house in R.I. on October 10, 2000. The auction will be open to the public, and is expected to bring in $150,000.

August 30, 2000: JFK joins GI Joe

Hasbro revealed its JFK PT-109 doll, as part of the GI Joe line of action figures. The doll is expected to be popular with adult collectors, and will be issued in a limited edition. It should sell for about $35.

August 15, 2000: JFK Remembered at Convention & Media Events

Edward and Caroline Kennedy spoke to the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, 40 years after JFK accepted his party's nomination in that same city. JFK was remembered, as was his policy agenda known as the "New Frontier". In other media news, look for the miniseries "Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis" to air on CBS during early November, and "Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot" to air on NBC sometime during February 2001. Also, the movie "13 Days" about the Cuban missile crisis is due out in December 2000.

August 3, 2000: JFK and Marlene Dietrich

The publication of critic Kenneth Tynan's diary made news because it revealed that JFK had an intimate encounter with Marlene Dietrich in the White House during 1962. She was 60 years old at the time. Believe it or not?

April 27, 2000: Attorney for Jack Ruby Dies

Elmer Gertz was the attorney who won a reversal of Jack Ruby's conviction in 1966, but Ruby died in prison before the case could be retried. Gertz died in a Chicago nursing home at the age of 93.

January 26, 2000: Zapruder film donated

Heirs of Abraham Zapruder donated their first generation copy of the assassination film, and the copyright, to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. The original film is being stored in the National Archives, and 2 other first generation copies are held by the Secret Service.

January 21, 2000: Report released on bullet that killed JFK

Scientists reported that the bullet found in JFK's limo did not contain materials from Kennedy's or Gov. Connally's shirt. These findings do not support the existence of a second gunman.

November 22, 1999: Voice was not Oswald's

It was revealed that the voice on a CIA tape of a phone conversation between a man (who identified himself as Lee Oswald) and the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City was not Oswald's. There is now a question as to how many of the secret CIA tapes may still exist today.

October 27, 1999: JFK Film Discovered

The photographer who made an 8mm color film of JFK's final speech at the Hotel Texas on the morning of November 22, 1963, is being sought by TCU. The film was located by TCU archivists, and will be made public if the original owner cannot be found. Other black-and-white footage of the speech has been available to the public.

September 25, 1999: JFK Mistress Dies

Judith Exner died of breast cancer at the age of 65. In 1977, she wrote a book about her affair with JFK, entitled My Story. She was also associated with the Mafia and Frank Sinatra.

September 22, 1999: JFK Assassination in Music Video

Marilyn Manson recreated JFK's assassination in his new video Coma White. The video is currently being broadcast on MTV.

September 16, 1999: JFK Forger is Convicted

Lawrence Cusack was sentenced 6 to 8 years for forging love letters between JFK and MM, and bilking investors out of $7 million.

September 12, 1999: KGB fakes evidence that CIA killed JFK

In an book entitled The Sword and the Shield, it was reported that the KGB passed phony information to conspiracy theorists during the mid 70's, in an attempt to link JFK's assassination to the CIA. Below is a link to that book.

August 5, 1999: Russian documents released

The National Archives and Records Administration released the KGB and Soviet documents that were given to President Clinton by Boris Yeltsin back in June 1999. The item which received the most attention in the media was a note that Jackie wrote to Khrushchev, about a week after the assassination.

August 3, 1999: Zapruder's heirs get $16 million

The Government agreed to pay the heirs of Abraham Zapruder, the man who filmed JFK's assassination, the sum of $16 million for confiscating the film.

July 17, 1999: JFK Jr.'s Plane Missing

Although the tragic story of JFK's son does not belong on this web site, vintage JFK film clips, stories and photos were resurrected by the media, as a result. Our deepest sympathy goes out to both the Kennedy and Bessette families.

June 24, 1999: Web Cam Shows Views from Sniper's Nest

The 6th Floor Museum's web site added an internet camera showing views of Dallas and Dealey Plaza from Oswald's perch. The view changes every 60 seconds. Senator Edward Kennedy criticized the installation of the internet camera. Click here (outside link) to see the view, but only after you are finished visiting this web site.

June 22, 1999: Russian JFK Files Given to Clinton

Boris Yeltsin gave President Clinton about 80 pages of JFK material from the Russian archives, including a letter written by Lee Harvey Oswald back in 1959, requesting citizenship in the Soviet Union. The documents are expected to be made public, eventually. We are told that part of Oswald's letter reads as follows: "I want citizenship because I am a Communist and a worker. I have lived in a decadent capitalist society where the workers are slaves."

June 1, 1999: JFK's Casket "Buried" in the Atlantic

Various records were released under the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. Some of the documents released revealed that JFK's original casket (used for the trip from Dallas to Washington) was buried 9,000 feet deep in the Atlantic Ocean, back in 1966. Other records relating to Oswald and Cuba were also released.

Greatest Story of the Century

We think that the mystery surrounding JFK's assassination is the greatest story of the 20th century. A group of journalists have ranked it as #6. According to the vote of the public, JFK's assassination ranks as #5. Thanks to everyone who followed our link and voted for JFK.

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