Interview with the Assassin

First of all, "Interview with the Assassin" should not be confused with the video interview of James E. Files entitled "Confession of an Assassin". Although filmed as if it was a legitimate documentary, this movie is actually a scripted story starring professional actors. Raymond Barry plays the character named Walter Ohlinger, who claims that he shot JFK from the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. The movie begins when Walter asks his California neighbor, who is an unemployed cameraman, to videotape his confession. The pair then travels to Dallas as well as other locations to gather evidence and testimony from others, in an attempt to prove that Walter is telling the truth. After a while, the cameraman begins to doubt that Walter's story is true, and the movie eventually winds down into a somewhat surprising finish.

"Interview with the Assassin" is not an elaborate Hollywood production like Oliver Stone's "JFK", nor does it educate the viewer about many of the unusual circumstances surrounding JFK's assassination. However, if you're interested in watching a movie about how an average person might behave after videotaping the very first interview with President John F. Kennedy's second assassin, then this movie is for you.

"Interview with the Assassin" premiered in New York during November 2002, and also played in other cities. We thank Magnolia Pictures and mPRm Public Relations for providing us with an advance copy of the film, as well as the production notes.


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