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John F. Kennedy

What really happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963?

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After more than 50 years, many still believe that President Kennedy was murdered as the result of a conspiracy. This logical conclusion can be reached by approaching the assassination from three directions. First, confirming the presence of a second shooter in Dealey Plaza would be proof of a conspiracy in itself. However, even if it could be proven that just one person fired all the shots, that in itself would not prove that there was not a conspiracy. A lone shooter could have acted alone, or as an agent for others as part of a conspiracy. Although we believe that two shooters fired a total of four shots in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, it is not necessary to prove beyond the shadow of doubt exactly how many bullets were fired from exactly which location(s) if the conspiracy can be proven through other means.

Second, admission of guilt by those involved in the assassination, or by those who were associated with those involved, is strong evidence that there was a conspiracy. The Kennedy’s had secretly plotted to assassinate Castro utilizing CIA/Mafia resources along with a group of Cuban exiles. Johnny Roselli was the Mafia’s point man for this project, but mob bosses Sam Giancana (Chicago), Carlos Marcello (New Orleans), and Santos Trafficante (Tampa) were also involved. However, the secrecy of the plan was compromised when Castro learned of the plot through a Cuban infiltrator, or as Roselli believed, through Santos Trafficante. However, Trafficante told a different story to Godfather Joe Bonanno (which he published in his autobiography), indicating that Sam Giancana ordered the hit on Kennedy. Regardless, the evidence still indicates that some of the resources assembled to kill Castro were redirected towards President Kennedy via one or more of the local Mafia bosses.

Third, the extent of the Government cover-up indicates that Kennedy was killed as the result of a conspiracy that could have involved U.S. officials or a foreign government. If a local Mafia boss was ultimately responsible for the assassination, the Government would not have taken such extraordinary measures to cover up the facts to such a great extent, just to protect the identities of a handful of gangsters who botched the Castro job anyway. The Government would have only gone to such extremes for two reasons: (1) to conceal a communist plot from the American public, whom would have demanded military retaliation for the assassination of their President, or (2) to conceal the corrupt and covert actions of certain Government officials who would have been exposed as a result of further investigation.

The public did not know that Kennedy made a secret promise to Russia limiting American interference in Cuba, which avoided a nuclear war just one year earlier during the Cuban missile crisis. However, Kennedy’s continuing attempts to assassinate Castro breached that promise, risking a renewed nuclear threat from the Soviets. After learning of those attempts, Castro and/or the KGB may have redirected the CIA's Mafia team towards Kennedy in retaliation. It is also possible that individuals within our own government utilized those same resources to publicly remove Kennedy from office, not only to protect themselves, but to avert the possible threat of a military response from Russia. Either way, the Government concealed the truth from the public and attempted to close the investigation through its venerable Warren Commission.

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