November 1998

Unfortunately, cameras are not permitted inside the Texas School Book Depository Building. However, Oswald's view from the 6th floor can been seen in the videos mentioned on our resources page (*scroll down for update). On a busy day, there could be an hour wait to tour the 6th floor museum. The admission charge and time spent standing in line are small prices to pay to revisit an important day in American history. Although the sniper's nest on the 6th floor is enclosed by glass, making it impossible for patrons to look out of that particular window, the nest area itself is visible to the public. It is possible to look out of an adjacent window, providing the viewer with a slightly different angle of the plaza. The 6th floor museum contains plenty of pictures, film and data about JFK and the assassination. Plan on spending a couple of hours.

Here's a picture taken from a spot very close to where JFK's limo was at the time of the assassination. The arrow points to the window on the 6th floor from which the shots were fired.
Here is a close-up of the window described above.
This is a picture of the plaque on the Depository Building.


Click for Spot of JFK's Death

*An internet camera was recently installed in the sniper's nest. Click here to read more.